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A Research and Development Consultancy Designing and Developing Award Winning IT Solutions for Small, Medium and Large Organisations, Since 1997.


Our in house development team specialise in designing and building cutting edge IT systems, utilising the latest technologies to ensure the solution meets your needs.


Business Intelligence

From producing Annual Reports, to building the latest web based real-time Business Intelligence portals, we can tailor a solution that helps you analyse, report and manage your data.

Support and Training

Our dedicated customer service and support teams will ensure you receive personalised assistance from experts who keep your IT solutions running smoothly.

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Medical Data Solutions and Services (MDSAS) are an award winning software consultancy, that specialise in the development and management of local, national and international IT solutions for leading organisations around the world.

We have been working closely with healthcare professionals since 1997, gaining a reputation for developing high quality information, data, and IT solutions that help our clients gather information and solve real world problems. These solutions include clinical information systems, registries, patient management systems, clinical trial systems and product surveillance systems.

MDSAS are Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSOC) registered, which enables us to host solutions on the secure NHS (N3) network. Our superfast Virtual Servers employ the latest backup and failover capabilities, offering an insurance against service down time and data loss. They are located within a secure UK based NHS datacentre, providing a highly robust end to end service, connecting people and systems securely.

MDSAS have an in-house, highly skilled team of developers with over 20 years’ experience of delivering integrated desktop, web, and mobile applications, which utilise the very latest industry standard technologies, such as Microsoft .NET architecture, SQL Server databases, IPhone IOS, Android and Windows Phone development.

The Analysis and Reporting team provide a full range of high quality services to give you accurate and meaningful data, including validation and verification, trend analysis, and data visualisation. Our team can work with you to build analytical portals that utilise Microsoft’s SQL Reporting Services, or geospatial mapping technologies.

Our dedicated support and customer service teams work closely with our clients and their users to ensure they receive expert advice, help and guidance. When things are not working correctly, the team have the ability to remote on to users PC’s and get to the very heart of the problems, solving over 90% of issues the same day.


MDSAS have a comprehensive in-house infrastructure which allows us to offer a wide range of
services to meet your needs, from a simple website to a complete IT management solution.

Business Application Development

MDSAS have over 20 years experience of developing Business Applications for healthcare professionals.

Web Site Design

We specialise in designing and building web applications that utilise the very latest Microsoft technologies.

Mobile App Development

We have the skills and experience to develop native mobile solutions for IPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.


Internet and NHS N3 Website Hosting

We can provide secure website hosting on both the Internet and the NHS secure intranet.


Online Reporting

Our in house Report and Analysis team can work with you to analyse and visualise your data.

Database Design and Development.

Our certified engineers use the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server.


MDSAS has a comprehensive in-house infrastructure which allows us to offer a wide range of
services to meet your needs, from a simple website to complete IT and management solutions for national and international healthcare projects

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European Haemophilia Adverse Events Surveillance

Covering over four hundred sites in Western and Eastern Europe, including a red alert warning service and European Haemophilia Centre locator. The system collects all patient adverse events and patient denominator data. The project is supported by Pharma and EU funding and is now running across Canada with plans to expand to multiple other countries.

UK National Haemophilia IT Strategy

Working with the Department of Health, Commissioners and Trusts to implement the World’s largest Haemophilia managed IT network, including audit and procurement of the £200 million per annum haemophilia treatment products. The strategy consists of multiple IT systems and won the award for ‘Excellence in Major Healthcare IT Development’ at the E-Health Insider Awards. The strategy was also a medalist for ‘UK Public Sector of the Year’ at the UK IT Industry Awards.

UK National Immunoglobulin Database

Working with Deloitte, Department of Health and Commissioners together with over 180 Trusts on UK-wide prescribing control and management of immunoglobulin. The system is also used for the procurement of immunoglobulins (resulting in multi-million £ savings), safety recalls and management of product shortages. The Immunoglobulin Demand Management Programme has been translated for use in Spain and is currently being adapted for use across Europe. The system was a finalist for the E-Health Insider Awards ‘Excellence in Major Healthcare IT Development’ category.

MDSAS Referral Platform

The MDSAS Referral Platform provides a common interface for the triage and referral of patients across a wide range of clinical specialisms within the NHS.

The platform currently hosts a mixture of locally and nationally commissioned services, including Spinal Cord Injury, Dermatology, Burn Injuries, Plastics Trauma and Orthoplastics, and Vascular Surgery. We are also working with clinicians in many specialisms.

The platform has been designed to provide a consistent user experience and structure across services and has at its core a unique solution for the incorporation of images, taken through our secure app from a mobile phone. This app never stores patient identifiable information on the phone and complies with NHS information governance standards.

We work quickly and collaboratively with clinicians to capture and build simple, bespoke data sets to meet each individual clinical service’s needs.

National Haemoglobinopathy Registry (NHR)

Working with Trusts and the Department of Health to implement a national registry covering treatment centres throughout England, working towards improved management and patient care for the Haemoglobinopathy service. The system is essential in order to provide detailed data required to plan and manage the NHS Haemoglobinopathy Service.

NHS Spinal Cord Injury Database

This is a national system for all spinal cord injury cases, managing all referrals to Spinal Cord Injury Centres from Major Trauma Centres. Following patient referral the system also facilitates the long-term clinical management of patients within the Spinal Cord Injury Centres. Until the system was implemented it was not possible to produce accurate national data on admissions and clinical management of spinal cord injury patients.

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